Why craft beer that is drinkable is no longer unthinkable. 

Step into any high quality beer bar and you will certainly overhear a couple of “Beer Snobs” discussing the merits and flaws in a particular beer. We appreciate this level of knowledge and discussion but feel you don’t always have to know what type of hops are used or be able to write a dissertation comparing the pros and cons of a particular brand to be able to enjoy good beer.

Lucid Brewing was established by a couple of hard core beer geeks. We love sour beers, Imperial coffee chocolate stouts, and iced Baltic Porters, as much as you do, but we’re just sick of trying to explain it to our non-craft beer friends.   Lucid brewing was started as the answer to the following questions:

Where is the gateway beer that has enough backbone and is of high enough quality to stand up to to more extreme craft brews?

Where is the beer that steals market share from the Big Three and promotes high quality, local, and fresh beer over industrial swill?

Is there craft beer in Minnetonka?

At Lucid Brewing we produce high quality, flavorful craft beer that is refined yet approachable.  Using the frshest ingredients and delivering locally, we maintain control of the quality of the beer from inception to consumption. From Clarity in Thinking about product lines, ingredients and quality control comes Excellence in Drinking.

Check out our Beer page for descriptions of the brews we’re currently offering.  Find us on tap at your local bar and pub.  Can’t find us?  Let us know!

To Excellence in Drinking!

Lorenzo Lucid

23 thoughts on “About

  1. I recently have tried several of your beers and have been quite impressed. Loving the beers out on the market right now. I am going to have to come visit on a tour.

    I’d love to help the brewery out in anyway possible as I am an aspiring brewer myself! Is there any opportunities?

  2. Hello,

    I saw your brewery on KARE 11 and was wondering if you are hiring part time work on nights or weekends to help out around the brewery. If not, thats ok!


    Joe Anderson

  3. Was at Stub & Herbs tonight before the Gopher hockey game and had a couple pints of Camo…..needless to say we are loving that beer! When can we find it in the local liquor stores or are you planning on just tap at this point?

  4. Great tasting brews! I tried Air and Camo at the St. Paul Beer Dabbler. My question to you is Do you need any help? I would love to get out and sell Lucid beer!

  5. How on earth is it possible that I drive by this area every day on my way to and from work (live right on the other side of 494) and had NO IDEA there was a brewery starting up… via Kickstarter nonetheless…

  6. I am very interested in trying your beer. I assume you have talked to the Gold Nugget…. (near my home).

    I would like to call you to talk about an idea to get the word out in the area. Who can I call?

  7. I’m in guys… LOVE that you’re outta my hometown of Minnetonka… CAN’T WAIT to try one on tap at one of the old drinking holes of my former home. RUSH THIS TO PRODUCTION! LONG LIVE CRAFT BEER!

  8. Love and agree with you about the level of knowledge needed (or not needed) to enjoy great beer. When my friends ask me “do I really need to dissect a beer like that” I always give them the same answer. You want to have just enough knowledge so that you can walk into a place, talk to someone (if needed) and walk out (or drink in) with a six pack of beer that you are confident you’ll enjoy. Nothing stinks more than buying a beer and then finding out you don’t like it. Beyond that…no. Keep up the good work!

  9. So where can I try Lucid? I’d really like to try Camo… Why so vague? Why not just list where your beers can found?

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