Contact Us

Eric Biermann – Owner
Eric’s passion for beer began as a consumer and then as a hobby brewer.  Eric graduated from the American Brewers Guild in 2009.  Eric is Lucid Brewing’s head brewer.

    Jon Messier – Owner
Jon began homebrewing about 15 years ago.  He is passionate about recipe design, and beer and food pairings.    Jon coordinates sales, and distribution of Lucid Brewing products.




Josh Dwyer – Ale Agent 002
Josh has been helping Lucid Brewing with sales and events since the begining.  Josh is our point of contacting the N. Metro.  Contact Josh at (763)seven42-8152 or josh.dwyer@lucidbrewing[dot]com


Mike Wehling – Ale Agent 003

Mike Wehling joined Lucid Brewing in January and has been involved in sales and event planning.  Mike is the Minneapolis region sales representative.

Contact Mike for sales at (763)three 31- 2947 or mike.wehling@lucidbrewing[dot]com

Peter RudolphAle Agent 004
Peter joined Lucid after sampling AIR while working behind the bar.  Peter handles sales in Saint Paul and Twin Cities suburbs.

Contact Peter for sales at  (612) three 2 7- four 142 or Peter.Rudolph@lucidbrewing[dot]com

Brewing Assitants:

Andy Rhuland — Picture to be added…

Michael Koppelman

Michael is a passionate homebrewer with a great recipe for pale ale.  Michael has been accepted to the American Brewing Guild and will be apprenticing at Lucid.  Good Work Michael!

13 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. I am the VP of Marketing for a company named Lucid Imagination (changing its name to LucidWorks next week). I would like to purchase several cases of your beer to pass out at a marketing event. Is there a way to do this. I am located in California so it would have to be someone who can ship this to us.

  2. I run a restaurant in Prior Lake focused on local ingredients. We just acquired a beer and wine license and I want to stick with local good quality beers. Please send me an email and let me know if we could start selling your great beer in our shop!
    Thanks Ryan

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