Digging the hole

It’s been a long two weeks of construction! Our hands and backs haven’t forgiven us yet, but the results are well worth it. I want to thank William, Robert, Brett, and Jay for coming out on a sticky Thursday night to help us rip up the floor. We really didn’t expect to start digging the hole to the sewer main until the next week, but you guys powered through it. We owe you many, many more beers for the effort! Cheers!

We will dig here... ... I think

... and so we begin

must have dug in the correct spot

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What happened to 2009?

Taps at at Fitgerā€™s Brewhouse - Duluth, MN

As one year ends and another begins, things have been quiet as far as the physical brewery goes. 2009 has been a year learning and making new friends. Continue reading

Lucid Brewing – There’s a new Kid in Town by The Captain’s Chair

A few weeks back I chatted it up with Aaron Masterson of The Captain’s Chair.

Read about our conversation here: Lucid Brewing – There’s a New Kid in Town

Thank you Aaron for the article.