Lucid Summertide Launch Tonight!

We are launching our SummerTide Saison tonight at the Narrows in Navarre! Come by and try this deliciously crisp Belgian style beer. Beer starts pouring at 5PM!  Click below for details:

The Narrows Saloon
3380 Shoreline Drive
Wayzata, MN 55391
(952) 471-3352
Here’s our write up with KARE 11 news. 
About the beer:
ABV: 5.5%
Description: This Belgian Saison was brewed in collaboration with KARE 11 news. The yeast used in this beer create a combination of peppery and citrus aromas and flavors.  “Saison” means season which is appropriate for the light body and effervescent carbonation in this refreshing brew.
Food Pairings:  The fruity and spicy notes are great with smoky BBQ. The spicy and peppery notes will really enhance the flavors of any hot or peppery dish. The complex flavors can overpower lighter fare, but this should not keep you from trying with fish.


2 thoughts on “Lucid Summertide Launch Tonight!

  1. Never heard of this beer. Asked the lady at the bar what this one was cause I couldn’t read any of them. So she gave me a taste test and it was delicious. I don’t know which of the 3 brews it was… maybe the Cammo, but the flavor was awesome. Really unexpected. Can’t wait to try more at the Maple Tavern in Maple Grove.

  2. Great beer! Good People! I tried Lucid a few months ago, and have always enjoyed it since! After meeting the Lucid team last night at the Narrow in Navarre I just stopped and picked up two bottles for tonight! Good Work!

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