Open House recap

Thank you Restaurant and bar customers for coming to our open house!  We had a great time and were really glad to make a personal connection with all of your staff and managers.  Let’s do this again!

We want to especially thank PB & The Jam for coming out and rocking the brewery on the Lucid Keg Stage.  After they played here, they had an 11PM show at the Whiskey Junction.  definitely a hard-working, great sounding, group of guys.

Below are a couple of photos from the event.  We posted more on our LL on the FB(Facebook page) so please check it out.

Jon M



2 thoughts on “Open House recap

  1. You guys gotta post stuff like this on your blog BEFORE it happens… this is my “I missed it, sad face” Unless there’s a better place to keep up with Lucid goings-ons than following the wordpress blog via RSS…

    • Hey brian, this was an industry only open house. We invited all the staff from all the restaurants where we sell beer to come check us out. We will open up to the public shortly!


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