Happy New Year!

2011 was an incredible year and so far I have no complaints about 2012!  Looking back on the timeline of where Lucid Brewing was 1 year ago really puts the amount of work into perspective.  Again we couldn’t have done it without the support of our friends, family and the Kickstarters.  Here’s quick recap:

January 2011: Form the business and order the brewery equipment.

February:  Begin serious amounts of test batching with the water from the future home.

Easter 2011:  Fly to China to finalize the equipment order and inspect before shipping.

June:  Thumbs up from the city to start construction (Yah!).  Start digging a 160’ long trench… (booo!)

July:  Equipment arrives!  Begin assembling the brewhouse and erecting the fermenters.

August:   Plumbing and welding and tiling.

September:  We’ve got a boiler.

October:  Install the glycol chiller, plumb the chilling lines, connect all the sensors.  Lots of praying that the city inspectors wouldn’t slow us down any more

November:  We’re brewing!  Kickstarter drive is a success!!!

December:  On tap at 25 bars!  Trench overview

As we move forward in 2012 we have lots of exciting things in store!  There is still lots of work happening around the brewery.  As part of our pledge to improve the community of brewers, we are helping Badger Hill brewing get started.  Last week we set up their fermenters in line with ours.  We will be helping them with the connections over the next couple of weeks while they await their federal stamp of approval.

We have also begun the upgrade for the community use tank and are meeting with our first community brewer this weekend to try out a pilot batch.  A plan is in the works to team up with Northern Brewer (www.northernbrewer.com) one of our local homebrewing shops for video demonstrations and to take the homebrew aspect of the community tank to the next level.  There is a lot of buzz this project and we have a good feeling for its future success!

I wish you all a very happy new year!


Jon Messier


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