The Day of the Inspectors!

Today was one of the best days ever at Lucid Brewing. While the day started much earlier, the fun began at 10AM with the pair of State Gambling and Alcohol officials came in for an inspection. We had a great discussion about some of the legalities of distribution and they had some good pointers for staying out of trouble. Thanks for the heads up!

We continued to clean and polish the tanks waiting for the Inspector from the Department of Agriculture (I add links for my personal reference, but feel free to check out their sites) to come check out the “lab” and processing areas.  The Dept of Ag. is essentially the health inspector, so when they show up you have to make sure that the place meets all of the requirements for a food manufacturing facility.  The “lab” is just the technical term for the room where we fill and clean growlers.  The real science happens on the brewery floor.  Anyway, the polishing paid off!

As the dept of Ag. guy was leaving the mechanical inspector from the city came to check the new ventilation system in the office areas and make up air for the boiler.  Eric very kindly told him that now he was the only road block in keeping us from brewing.  Good work!  That really lit the fire under him and on top of the ventilation he went on to finalize the chilling and plumbing as well! A-M-E-N!

It has been a ridiculously long haul to get to today, but I feel completely re-invigorated knowing we will be brewing this week!  The hops are here, the grain arrives tomorrow and the east is being scaled up for our first batch.  I am completely thankful to be trading my 70+hr weeks of construction for 70+hr weeks of brewing, keg hauling and sales!  Look for us on tap and ask your bartenders to call if you don’t see the shiny Lucid tap handle!

To Excellence in Drinking!

Lorenzo Lucid


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