We have Lift off! AIR LAUNCH PARTY

This has been a long time coming, so we are very happy to anounce: The first official launch party for Lucid AIR!

Join us at the Public House in the warehouse district from 5-7PM on Friday Dec. 2. We will be there sampling our beer and passing out brewery shwag! The lines may get long so come early!



As we approach Turkey day, we at Lucid Brewing are incredibly thankful to all of you who participated in our KickStarter fund drive.  Putting a brewery together has been a ton of work and fun and we are now ready to share the joy with you!  Starting Monday, we will begin posting updates for tappings.  AIR WILL be on tap for Thanksgiving weekend!

While you wait for the beer, check out the press release for our successful Kickstarter campaign!  18NOV11_Kickstarter release

First Brew Day!

Saturday was the first official brew day at Lucid Brewing!  It feels like a huge releif and accomplishment to have beer in the tanks.  In just a couple weeks, you will find AIR on tap around the Twin cities.  We will add a page in the next week or so with a list of bars who have made a comittment to our products and list of upcoming launch parties.  We can’t wait for the beer to start flowing through the bars!

While you wait, please enjoy a timelapse video of the first brew day.  We added some spicy music to get the day started!

To Excellence in Drinking and brewing!

Lorenzo Lucid