Kickstart the brewery!

We were sitting around sipping a few beers the other day trying to come up with a great idea to thank our friends and family for supporting us getting Lucid started.  We want to share our passion for the brewing process with those who are brewers and consumers of beer, by doing more than sending out stickers and the occasional pint.  We came up with a crazy idea!  Why don’t we invite people to come brew with us so that they can see why we love what we do!?!


Starting today, we are launching a Kickstarter fund drive to do exactly that. Our goal with this drive is to raise enough money to finance an additional fermentation tank.  This tank would be used for community brewing projects.  On a regular basis we will have 5 or 10 people come in and participate in a brew session with us.  The recipe could be anything and will reflect the interests of the participants!  The beer would then be added to the community tank and sold under a special label.  We’ll even get it in the bars you choose!  Your beer at your bar! We need your help to make this a reality.

To thank you for your donations to this project we have some limited edition shwag up for grabs.  At this point it’s the only way to be rocking a Lucid brewing shirt or sticker, so you’ll be setting the trend in beer fashion.  Your donation will not be debited unless the project is successful, which means you won’t get your shirt, sticker, etc, until you get enough friends interested in the project.  Spread the word!  We sincerely want this to work and think it would be a fun creative outlet to keep the community involved with the brewery.

To Excellence in Drinking!

Lorenzo Lucid


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