Equipment is Here!

Three quarters of the the brewery equipment arrived yesterday at around 11AM.  Even the highest dewpoint in state history (I may be making that up) didn’t slow us down.  It only took a few hours to unload the three containers.  There were a couple of components that got beat up in the shipping, but for the most part everything looks great! Check out the photos and video of the move…

Lot's of SS

Equipment is Here!

Here’s a couple of snapshots of everything unloaded. Good thing the warehouse is way

bigger than the what we need.  We still have two fermenters, all the electronics, heat exchanger, ancillary valves, pumps, motors, etc coming later this week.

Now the fun part begins… putting it together! Stay tuned

I’ve been having fun with time lapse videos because they are so easy to do and look really sweet with a fisheye lens.  Here’s the moving day video:


3 thoughts on “Equipment is Here!

  1. Wow Eric, this is exiciting to see you dive into this industry!!! It will be fun to watch you and your partners grow this business and become very successful. I will be looking forward to one of those tours.


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