Time Lapse construction

My basketball playing, beer loving, buddy Jay of V Jay Ojeda Photography hooked me up with a sweet fisheye lens and a timer for my D40.  This is the first attempt at a timelapse of the construction process.  Since I’m digging and/or pouring concrete the whole time we didn’t have time to put much into these first videos.  I think I’ve got the hang of the camera and video software now, so we should will have a little more fun with this on the next video.


Jon Messier


4 thoughts on “Time Lapse construction

  1. Great timelapse! It looks like you had a good crew to help with the project.

    Will you have to pour to get adequate slope for run off or is there enough already in the warehouse?

    • The concrete is sloped near the trench sections of the drain (left side in video). Additionally we are addidng a sloped section of quarry tile under the fermenters and around the brewhouse. There are some flat areas still, but that’s where a squeege and good cleaning practices come in to play!

      Thanks for the question?
      Jon Messier

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