Plumbing the drains

We had our good buddies at Exhibit Plumbing come in and lay the pipe and plumb the trenches. Looks awesome! Since we’re

Connection to the main

acting as general contractors for this project, it was important to work with people who know what they are doing. I’ve never done this type of plumbing before, and it has been a relief to work with such an experienced group. They really helped the brewery out with this project and will get our recommendations for future work. Thanks Luke, Charlie and John.

The longest pipe in Minnetonka

Now it’s time for an inspection and pouring the concrete. If everything goes well, we will have the concrete poured about 5 days before the equipment shows up. Although not an optimal cure time, it should provide sufficient strength to allow us to get forklifts over it. Count down begins to equipment arrival…. 6 days remaining.

and a trench drain


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