Equipment is Here!

Three quarters of the the brewery equipment arrived yesterday at around 11AM.  Even the highest dewpoint in state history (I may be making that up) didn’t slow us down.  It only took a few hours to unload the three containers.  There were a couple of components that got beat up in the shipping, but for the most part everything looks great! Check out the photos and video of the move…

Lot's of SS

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Empty feeling will be no more


Today is the last day our brewery will be just an empty warehouse with sweet floor drains. Any minute the first of four shipping containers will be arriving. If I wasn’t sweating so much from the extreme heat, I’d probably piss in my pants.

Time Lapse construction

My basketball playing, beer loving, buddy Jay of V Jay Ojeda Photography hooked me up with a sweet fisheye lens and a timer for my D40.  This is the first attempt at a timelapse of the construction process.  Since I’m digging and/or pouring concrete the whole time we didn’t have time to put much into these first videos.  I think I’ve got the hang of the camera and video software now, so we should will have a little more fun with this on the next video.


Jon Messier