City hearing

Last night was the hearing with the Minnetonka City Council on the approval of our conditional license to operate within the city limits.  It was a very sucessful event.  All “Yahs” and no “Neahs”.  

Work, work, work.  All day longIt looks like we have the okay to start construction on the facility. The city council has been very transparent with their requirements and have made this process move rather smoothly. There are always concerns associated with the manufacturing and distribution of liquor, but the city has been clear in pointing out these concerns and we are happy to comply. It great knowing that they are just as excited as us beer drinkers about opening a brewery in Minnetonka.

We understand the stigma that gets tied to beer drinkers. Yes the culture embraces loud boisterous behavior. We love that about the business! Life is too short to sit around and quietly drink fizzy yellow lite lagers. Go out and get LOUD with Lucid! … Just as long as you follow the rules while doing so…



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