City hearing

Last night was the hearing with the Minnetonka City Council on the approval of our conditional license to operate within the city limits.  It was a very sucessful event.  All “Yahs” and no “Neahs”.   Continue reading


Minnetonka city hearing

Join Lucid Brewing at Minnetonka city hall Thursday May 19th at 6:30 PM for a public hearing where will we be answering questions about our application to open a microbrewery within the city limits. Minnetonka has not had a brewery since Sherlock Holmes brewpub (now closed), and therefore there is no standard business classification or licensing for our endeavor. Our application for a “conditional use permit” which combines some of the license requirements from similar business types is under review.

[UPDATE 5/20/11]

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Testing some logos

Big Brew a was great event!  Thank you Neil and Chris for all of the organization. Running hoses and heating water was pretty easy in comparison.  Next year we promise a better sound system, a bigger grill, and shade(?).  Perfect weather, great homebrews, fun people; good way to jump start the spring!  Eric and I have both been MNBrewers for years and it was our pleasure to host the event!

At Big Brew we had a chance to preview a couple of our logos. We’ve been working with Chris (@geistgroovyman) and his group from AB|Geist on developing the imagery for Lucid Brewing Co. The product of our bad ideas and their design capabilities is Lorenzo Lucid.  Check him out on Facebook. Here are a couple of the posters we showed off at the Minnesota HomBrewers 2011 Big Brew.

Jon Messier