First Brew Day

Last Sunday was the first official brew day at Lucid Brewing. Until the equipment comes, we will be brewing on our pilot systems—only 20-25 gallons per batch vs. 500 gallons on the real system. We’re still homebrewring, but the pilot systems should help us get to know the water and play with some recipes.

As with any new endeavor, there were several things that made us scratch our heads. First, the water source is 100 ft away from gas line and 150 ft away from the drain. This presents somewhat of a challenge….how do we get water and gas to the brewhouse and drain water without making a mess of the place? Really long hoses of course!


Moving Day

Today is move day. The destination is the brewery and the cargo is our homebrew pilot systems. Each of our spouses are celebrating the fact that they will be able to reclaim the basements from beer equipment. Personally, I will miss the security of knowing that I can brew in my basement whenever I want.

The first stop was Eric’s house. There were a few minor obstacles (ie, getting the UHaul stuck in the snow bank), but it was an overall success. There is nothing like hauling a bunch of stainless steel, glass carboys, and burners, to make you feel like a man. After dropping the equipment off at the brewery, we went to pick up Jon’s system. The second time around, we were now a fine tuned moving crew. In short order, all the equipment was loaded in the truck and we were off.

Now both pilot systems at the brewery. Just a little plumbing and we’re good to go! Starting this Saturday we’ll be brewing every weekend until the big equipment shows up.

Lucid Brewing