New pilot brewhouse

The order has been placed and the money put down on a new pilot brewhouse. This new brewhouse is still “small,” as its maximum capacity is only 2/3 bbl batches, but since we have not found a brewery location to-date, we are restricted in the pilot brewhouse’s size. On the plus side, this system has pretty much the same features found on a 10 to 30 bbl brewhouse. Its controller is at about the same level of complexity as a controller found on a bigger brewhouse, so hopefully the transition to brewing on a bigger brewhouse will be less painful when we find a brewery location in the future.

Now I have to round up some larger fermenters. By round up, I mean, find vessels that can be adapted to fermenter use, since new or used 1 bbl or smaller fermenters are ridiculously priced. I have a few months to work on the fermenters, since the brewhouse will not be ready until late August.

I cannot wait to brew on the new brewhouse.


2 thoughts on “New pilot brewhouse

  1. You shoud take a look at for their food-grade conical tanks.

    Breaking Brewing Company is using the 60 gallons versions for double batches from a home-built system. They’ve started a brewery in one of the guy’s garage.

    Here are some pictures of their setup:

    If you’d like to contact them, let me know. I’ve been in touch with them about a nano-brewing startup.


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