Brewers Conference Welcome Reception


The brewers conference welcome reception was hosted by Harpoon Brewery. Harpoon is conveniently located just a few blocks south of where the brewers conference was held. This is at the end of a day where we spent all day touring breweries. Did I need another beer? Ah, no. Did I have another beer. Hell yeah! Delicious beer it was. We had a great time chatting with other brewers and eating the chowder. Here’s a few pics.

Harpoon's beer bar

Harpoon's beer bar

Otis Grove

The coolest warehouse sound system ever.

Dave Anderson - Dave's Brew Farm

Alyssa chats it up with Lyn Kruger of the Siebel Institute and Dave Anderson of Dave' Brew Farm. A startup brewery located near Wilson, Wisconsin.

Harpoon does make beer here

Harpoon does brew beer here.


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