Off to Boston for the Brewers Conference

We just spent the weekend at my parents, where we left our son Liam and our dogs (Maggie and Cody) behind for a week of spoiling with the grandparents.

We get into Boston on Monday and plan on hitting a few pubs in Cambridge. We’re staying in east Cambridge, just across the St. Charles from Boston. Our schedule looks somewhat like this:

Tuesday: Brewery tours in New Hampshire during the daylight hours. This includes Cape Ann Brewing, Smuttynose Brewing, Redhook Brewing and Portsmouth Brewery. Okay so all are not in New Hampshire, but you know the saying. “If a bar (brewery) is on the right on side of the road…    …turn in.” In the evening it’s the Welcome Reception hosted by Harpoon Brewery.

Wednesday:Things start out with the Welcome and Keynote Address by Greg Koch of Stone Brewing. Then we’ll hit the BrewExpo followed by a bunch of seminars. I’ll have more on the seminars after we get back home and sober up. The seminars are broken up by some hospitalities. Hospitalites = beer and food. The evening has the Boston Beer Brewery Party in store for us. Guess who is hosting it? Just one guess.

Thursday:More seminars, a members meeting, more BrewExpo. More hospitalies. The evening? MBAANew England Cask Night hosted by Harpoon Brewery. Mmmm.

Friday:More seminars. No hospitalies – like I’ll need another beer. But in case I do, the late afternoon has the Closing Reception. Closing Reception = beer, food and friends. Later in the evening is the New England Brewers Night hosted by Harpoon Brewery. The perfect send-off by the great folks of New England.

Saturday:Catch a ridiculously early flight back to the Twin Cities and pick up our son and dogs from the Grandparents. Then we will begin reflecting back on the conference while breaking everyone of bad the habits that Grandpa and Grandma think is cute.

I’ll not have much time in Boston to blog, but I’ll send out a few tweets on Twitter now and then.

I gotta go, I need to finish the last glass or two of Classic American Pilsener left in the keg before we go.


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