Going to Brewing School

The letter starts, “I would like to inform you that you have been accepted into the Craft Brewers Apprenticeship Program, beginning January 18th, 2010.” At this point I stopped reading, grabbed a pint glass, and filled it up. The letter continues on how my acceptance is conditional upon the completion of a “Principles of Chemistry” course and upon the receipt of the down payment. The course wraps up the week of June 21st with a residential week in Sacramento, CA, otherwise the course is distance based. Upon completion of the course, I will be apprenticing at a yet-to-be-determined brewery for five weeks.

Next stop, Minnesota State Colleges & Universities for some chemistry. I am not shocked that my accounting degree did not provide all of the necessary background course-work, but it did provide a bunch, so at least no more calculus courses. This course will be quite different than my accounting degree I received from St. Cloud State University. For instance, I will not be pounding Keystone, Busch Light Draft, Special X, Mickeys or other macro-brewed beer this time. Yes, SCSU was prior to my craft-brewed beer “gateway” experience. Also, I no longer attempt to buy the biggest amount of beer for the smallest amount of cash.


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