A Brewer’s Dream

Welcome to March in Minnesota, this week was another of below zero temps. Yes, the temperature aided in getting me out of my “I have not adjusted to day light savings” tiredness, but I would rather swill the New Belgium version of below zero. I cannot blame all of my tiredness on the time change though. I’ve been having several nights like last night. I did sleep, but I woke up with about five ideas that were spinning through my dreams, which I promptly wrote down this morning. I find it quite weird how some of my best ideas come to me in my sleep. This does not always make for a good night’s rest, but it is neat to be able to have such vivid ideas that can be written down in much detail the following morning.

Now that Lucid Brewing is a member of the Brewers Association, my wife and I will be off to Boston for the Craft Brewers Conference in April. We are both excited for the event. My wife will be exposed to the dreamy world of craft brewing that keeps my mind going most nights. We will be visiting several Boston and New Hampshire breweries/brew pubs while in Boston. During our whirlwind visit we have absolutely no down time to speak of. By the time we are finished with the seminars, the expo, and other events I will have more haze in my head than a fully roused Bavarian weizen.

Progress on the actually brewery has been focused on the owner/brewer, known as me. I applied for brewing school and for a chemistry class. The chemistry class will aid the technical aspects of brewing and will make the yeast think I am not a complete stranger. The brewing school will be intense and may delay the opening of the brewery, but I feel that not going down this path is downright foolish. I applied for a brewer’s certificate program with an internship immediately following the classes. Let’s hope I am accepted to the program.

Oh yeah, progress has been made on the logo. The logo has been the primary focus of my weird dreams at night. Not by choice, it just is. My wife and I have created several sketch ideas and are working on finding a local artist to bring life to it. It is so cool to see all of the different sketches we have come up with. The evolution of our ideas is as interesting as it is demented. We both have come to realize we have a dark side that at times is coming out in our logo.


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