Lucid Brewing Exists On the Record

The Minnesota Secretary of State Office has officially assigned a charter number to Lucid Brewing, LLC. Most likely the easiest task I will perform with the state during the start-up phase. The charter number allowed me to get a federal employer identification number from the Internal Revenue Service, an even easier task simply performed online. With these items in hand, I spent lunch on Monday at the bank opening up a business checking account. To my surprise the account came with a credit line and a credit card. I guess this is where good credit comes in handy.

The next couple of tasks are to become a member of the Brewers Association and register for the Craft Brewers Conference. These two items open up a large amount of information for start-up breweries. The convention is being held in Boston the third week of April. I look forward to attending as many of the meeting sessions as possible to learn all I can in one week and to make some solid contacts at the brew expo. I know my head will hurt after this week in Boston, not just from all the knowledge I will collect, but also from all the beer I will drink.

The brewery location search has been getting me quite familiar with city zoning maps and with a few of the friendly folks at several city offices. So far nothing fully meets our current criteria, but there are still many sites to review.

Otherwise, the balance of time has been around the business plan, logo design, and research on a pilot brewing system. I will keep you posted as things move along.


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