Drinking cask conditioned ale in St Paul

This past Sunday the entire family went to St Paul for some fun. First we went to the Minnesota Children’s Museum, where our son Liam enjoyed himself thoroughly. The ant colony room kept him running and crawling and kept Alyssa and myself spinning.

After the running and chasing at the museum, we strolled over to Great Waters Brewing Company for some food and cask conditioned ales from the beer engine. Great Waters always has a minimum of four cask ale on the engines at a serving temperature of 52 degrees Fahrenheit. I found their house ale and Mr. Smooth very tasty.

I will be sure to enjoy more of Great Water’s ales this upcoming Friday at the Upper Mississippi Mash-Out’s indoor pub crawl. Mash-Out is one of the nation’s larger home-brew contest, in which several Minnesota breweries and brew pubs bring growlers to quench the thirst of the volunteers on Friday night. I will have a keg on tap for the volunteers to enjoy between judging sessions during the day. Trust me, there is no shortage of beer or mead to enjoy at the contest.

Later this week, meetings are scheduled with accountants and lawyers for the business structure setup. Maybe, if time allows, some progress will be made on Lucid Brewing’s logo.


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